The formation of WELTZ Ind’l Phils., Inc. is a product of the determined minds and efforts of vastly competent professionals in the fields of Fire Protection, Electro- Mechanical, in harmony with Interior/Exterior Architectural Designs, as well as in Business Management. This group is joined together by a common endeavor of providing and delivering efficient, reliable service that upholds the meaning of bona fide professionalism. Equipped with remarkably satisfactory skills and expertise in the field, and motivated by a highly-flavored will and zeal to make a mark of excellence in the industry of Manufacturing and Construction, WELTZ, has achieved its first milestone ever since it established its foundation as player in the industry and proved its competence in the various projects it has undertaken since September of 2007. Having maintained a steady momentum during its four year existence, WELTZ continuously promotes a comprehensive service package - inclusive of Fire Protection and Electro-Mechanical supply and/or installation - for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. With such package, the clients need not to contact separate contractors for their FirePro and Electro-Mech requirements, hence, facilitating faster and more efficient service. Gradually but with certainty, WELTZ is reaching out more clients who are assured of the quality services it renders:

1. Manufacturing, refilling, servicing and sales of fire extinguishers & accessories
2. Manufacturing of fire hose cabinets and other enclosures
3. Importation and distribution of various fire protection products
4. Importation of fire alarm control panel and devices
5. Importation of empty fire extinguisher cylinders
6. Importation of mono ammonium phosphate
7. Distribution of various electrical lighting products
8. Distribution of various plumbing materials


WELTZ Ind’l Phils., Inc. is strongly determined to reach its utmost endeavor to rise as one of the most reliable and sought-after supplier/manufacturer and provider of Fire Protection and Electro-Mechanical materials, tools & equipments in the Philippine Construction Industry and the Property Management Sector. Banking on the expertise and professionalism of the individuals behind the company who are driven by a genuine desire for excellent service, WELTZ shall be known as bearing the imprints of quality, competence, commitment, and customer satisfaction.


With fervor for principled existence, WELTZ’s goals transcend beyond prestige and financial gains. It strongly aims to meet fully and satisfy the needs of its clients; develop and maximize, at its best, the potentials of its human resources, and consequently in the process, make a meaningful contribution to the country’s progress. Later, it is also WELTZ’s goal to be a significant part of the global and economic community.

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